The Greatest Epic of our Time

The Battle of Burgledorf

During a routine Graveyard shift at the local Super Gas station employee Erik Matheson is thrown into the middle of an underground war – disguised as Live Action Role Playing – filled with mighty heroes, mystical creatures and magic…

After meeting a young woman fighting to save a small stronghold called Burgledorf, Erik embarks on a quest to find a magical weapon that is said to wield the power to end the war and bring peace to the world.

With the help of a lonely Wood Elf, a Dwarf named Stump and the local guild of hardcore gamers Erik will discover a greater evil more perilous than the war at hand, and realize that he must make a final stand in order to save the world from being obliterated
by chaos.

The Battle of Burgledorf has begun.

Cast & Crew

Erik Matheson (Richard Olak)

He’s the courageous gas station night manager who is searching for something more in life. Well, he’s not technically the night manager yet, but he’s working very hard to achieve that position. In the meantime, he’s pumping gas, crushing slurpees like nobodies business, and once he sets out on his magical quest, getting his ass kicked because he has no idea how to fight.

Worm (Matthew Graham)

Imagine the leader of a nerd army. That’s Worm. He’s honorable, noble, and he likes fruit cups. He also wants to let you know that he’s taken Tae Kwon Do lessons since he was a kid and currently sits at the ‘intermediate’ level of skill.

Twiggly ‘Stump’ Murdboaf (Nico Santini)

Casting spells, smokin’ bowls, eating whole chickens, and mastering ancient prophecy is what this dwarf… errr…halfling, is all about. He is the Guardian of the Quest, keeper of the stones, and a sleepy right now so he’s going to take a nap.

T-Money (Jonsen Phan)

Not surprisingly, this wanna-be-gangster thug knows martial arts. He literally kicks the crap out of pretty much everybody in this movie. Why? Cause he knows martial arts. What else do you need to know? He also drives a ‘91 Pontiac Firebird! Which is kinda strange, but hey, it’s a fantasy film right?

Julie (Krista Mitchell)

She’s a sharply intelligent LARPer and genuinely a lovely person. There’s just something about her that makes her…well…perfect. Like ‘5th element perfect’, but with a hint of ‘hip independent film perfect’. Not to mention she’s Second-in-Command of the Draden forces fighting for freedom against the evil Thalgor (Jock) armies. That’s cool also.

Chad “The Mook” (Michael Antonakos)

Do you know what a ‘mook’ is? We don’t either but somehow it makes sense to call Chad a ‘mook’. He’s the handsome megalomaniac leader of the Thalgor army and he’s not ready to let anyone get in the way of his plans to become…well, you know…the “most powerful man in the world”. Big surprise.

Scout (Jeff Carpenter)

Have you seen Army of Darkness? Do you remember “Sword Boy”? Well, let’s just say we took that characters diehard obedience to the next level. Scout does everything right. But that doesn’t stop everyone from treating him like garbage. Wow, writing that down actually sounds really mean… oh god… are we assholes? We’re assholes. Sorry Scout.


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