Behind the Burgle-Scenes #2!!!

Burgle-Blog #2!!!!

Behind the Burgle-Scenes #1

Nico and Richard jam out to their favorite movie soundtrack. Can you guess what it is?

The first of many to come!

Burgle-Blog #1

The first of many to come!

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Heroes fade. Legends never die.

During a routine Graveyard shift at the local Super Gas station employee Erik Matheson is thrown into the middle of an underground war – disguised as Live Action Role Playing – filled with mighty heroes, mystical creatures and magic…

After meeting a young woman fighting to save a small stronghold called Burgledorf, Erik embarks on a quest to find a magical weapon that is said to wield the power to end the war and bring peace to the world.

With the help of a lonely Wood Elf, a Dwarf named Stump and the local guild of hardcore gamers Erik will discover a greater evil more perilous than the war at hand, and realize that he must make a final stand in order to save the world from being obliterated
by chaos.

The Battle of Burgledorf has begun.

The Battle of Burgledorf is an independent feature length fantasy adventure.
It’s the movie that you always wanted to see. So. Rad.